Photo Album

Ahh... digital cameras, aren't they wonderful? We here at are suckers for a nice photo of blight, or a lovely set of "before & after" pictures. Got any?

It is our hope that this area of the site becomes the "war story" photo album, detailing your battles in the field. Please note, though, that the pictures you submit should not include people (just conditions!), and the location or address should not be evident in the photograph (let's keep things fairly anonymous). If you include a written description of what the photograph depicts, please be sure to leave out the names and addresses and other identifying information. To get things started, we present our first "Gallery of Blight" collection, entitled: "Yard, in Abstract" (just click on the photo to see a full-size image). Enjoy...

Blight -- Photo 1 Blight -- Photo 2 Blight -- Photo 3 Blight -- Photo 4 Blight -- Photo 5

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