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Fixing Broken Windows: Restoring Order and Reducing Crime in Our Communities Reducing Crime in Our Communities

By George L. Kelling, Catherine M. Coles (Contributor), James Q. Wilson

Disorder & Decline: Crime and the Spiral of Decay in American Neighborhoods

By Wesley G. Skogan

NYPD Battles Crime: Innovative Strategies in Policing

by Eli B. Silverman

City Making: Building Communities Without Building Walls

By Gerald E. Frug

City Politics: Private Power and Public Policy

By Todd Swanstrom, et al

Collaborative Leadership: How Citizens and Civic Leaders Can Make a Difference

By David D. Chrislip, Carl E. Larson

Uniform Building Code 1997

National Electrical Code 1999

by National Fire Protection Association

Design Guide to the 1997 Uniform Building Code

By Richard T. Conrad, Steven R. Winkel

The Entrepreneurial City: Geographies of Politics, Regime and Representation

By Tim Hall, Phil Hubbard

America's Ailing Cities: Fiscal Health and the Design of Urban Policy

By Helen F. Ladd, J. Milton Yinger

Fire Prevention: Inspection and Code Enforcement

by David Diamantes

Cases and Materials on Land Use

by Robert R. Wright, Morton Gitelman

Building Rules: How Local Controls Shape Community Environments and Economies

By Kee Warner, Harvey Luskin Molotch

Problem-Oriented Policing
by Herman Goldstein

Fire Inspection and Code Enforcement

Code Enforcement : A Comprehensive Approach
by Joseph M. Schilling, James B. Hare

Code Enforcement Officer (C-3424)
by Jack Rudman

Study Guide for Fire Inspection and Code Enforcement Enforcement
by Gene P. Carlson, Robert P. Fleischner

1997 Dwelling Construction Under the Uniform Building Code

Uniform Building Code Compliance Manual : 1997 UBC
by Scott B. Parish

1997 Uniform Fire Code

Uniform Mechanical Code 1997

Uniform Plumbing Code 1997

The American Mayor: The Best & the Worst Big-City Leaders
by Melvin G. Holli

Community policing: how to get started
by Robert C. Trojanowicz, Bonnie Bucqueroux

Zoning Game: Municipal Practices and Policies
by Richard F. Babcock

Land Use in a Nutshell
By Robert R. Wright

1999 Zoning and Planning Law Handbook
by Deborah A. Mans


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